About us

We are a family business offering much needed organising, decluttering, downsizing and home staging service based in Dunfermline, Scotland.  As a team, we aim to combine years of experience in business and education sectors, various house renovation projects, training through professional organising courses, and create the ultimate clutter-free, beautiful and functional space you desire. As a member of The Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers (APDO), we are registered with Information Commissoner’s Office (ICO) and fully insured, so you can be sure of our professionalism and absolutely confidential service.


Whether you are a working family with needs to bring more order to your living space, or senior citizens moving home and downsizing, or bereaved family with needs for preparing home for sale, or business lacking functional space, we will assess your space and needs, and provide customised solutions.

To help you stay on top of things, we also offer after care for each project and regular maintenance service. If you are interested in doing it yourself, please check our organising and decluttering course.

Products (upcoming)

Adding high quality cushions and throws are the most simple and cost-effective ways to transform your space, but finding aesthetically appealing and affordable items can be a challenge, especially if you are looking for something unique. We sell stylish  one-of-a-kind knitted cushion covers and throws which are individually designed and made. Please drop in and have fun browsing through our collection.

The Blog

The blog is our creative outlet where we share our interests in interior design, creative and practical space organising and decluttering tips, healthy cooking and travel. We hope you enjoy our posts and feel free to leave your comments.