When clutter is clogging up your space, it creates a mental muddle too. Decluttering not only gives you more physical space, it also lifts emotional load off your mind, and create more clarity in you life. We are here to help you let go your clutter, your worries and anxiety, so you can have the space you love, the life you enjoy.


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“Really enjoyed the decluttering experience, feels really good to have so much clutter out and actually have a more liveable space! We wouldn’t have accomplished in a year what you’ve done in a few days!”

– Rosemary, Edinburgh

“We were at the end of our tether with our house. It was out of control and we were ashamed to let anyone in…We searched for help online and were lucky enough to find Jane nearby.”

-Mrs and Mrs H, Dunfermline

“The initial visit set my mind at ease , even when I hit points that caused me to panic, Jane broke it down into manageable chunks so we could carry on. Now we can enjoy and feel proud of our house!”

-Rowan, Edinburgh

“Once again, you’ve done a great job, what a difference!”

-Mike, Dunfermline

“We really enjoyed working with you and you made a very daunting job so easy and enjoyable. We can’t thank you enough.”

-Kerry and Mike, Dunfermline

“Gradually over the past few years we had let our garage get out of control, to the point where we couldn’t find anything, let alone make use of it. We were so glad that we decided to contact Jane. She was wonderful to work with and made the whole process of clearing out and organisination seamless. Jane’s organisational skills are amazing and it’s such a nice feeling to be able to walk into our garage and know exactly where everything is. we couldn’t recommend Jane and Serenity enough.”

-Kerry, Crossgates

Thank you once again for the tremendous amount of work you’ve done. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working alongside you over the past 2 weeks. It feels great to have all the rubbish and things that are no longer used, gone. Very catharic in more ways than one!

-Denise, Glenrothes

Thank you so much to Jane Rice for the class! It was so motivating and now I actually look forward to doing a bit of decluttering now!

– Alison Hay, Perth

We continue to enjoy and return everything to its place. It was so lovely to meet you and allow you transform my life and home. I’m very happy and inspired by the way you helped me declutter and the great way you regorganised my stuff.

-Lesley, St Andrews

I am a person who likes my ‘stuff’, but Jane helped me to realise that decluttering is not about finding the ‘spark of joy’ in every item and only keeping the bare minimum in your house (that will never be me). Rather, it is tackling projects bit by bit. It took a while, but following Jane’s advice and thinking about my goal – what I wanted to achieve for this space – was just what I needed. If you want someone to help sort your life, I can’t recommend this lady enough. She is a gem!

-Amy Solon, Dalgety Bay

The workshop from Jane was so interesting and we got plenty of ideas! looking forward to a next one!!

– Mina Fy Papps, Perth

Jane provides a much needed service to help individuals harmonise their lives and bring order out of chaos.

-Gill Schofield, Edinburgh