Draft an Action Plan

Q1: How do you work?

A1: We follow 3 steps when working with you: 1. FREE no obligation consultation. We visit you onsite (your home or business premise, wherever you need work done) to assess the scale and scope of the project and discuss your requirements. This process normally lasting between 30 to 40 minutes. Alternatively, online FREE consultation can be arranged. 2. After the consultation, we will provide you with bespoke decluttering & organsing plans (or home staging plan) including quotes and estimated time frame. 3. Once the plan is discussed and finalised with you, we will agree on dates and times of each work session for the whole project. 4. On completion of the decluttering and organising project, you will be get a manual on how to maintain a clutter free and organised space manual, which will help you to live a clutter free life in the long run.

Q2: How long will it take? 

A2:  After the initial consultation, we can give you an estimation of how long your project will take. The exact time taken to complete your project will depend on the speed of your decision making, particularly at the decluttering stage. If you are unsure about how much can be done, we recommend a one day taster session, which is normally enough to make significant progress in one problematic room/area, and you can get an indication of how much can be achieved in just one day.

Q3: My place is in an embarrassing state. Should I just declutter and organise by myself, or hire a professional?

A3: We are a professional organsing business and offer strictly confidential and non-judgmental service. The fact you are on this website and doing research on this subject shows real courage, this is the first step towards regaining control over your space and life. We have professional decluttering and organising service, as well as decluttering and organising courses on offer. If you’re unsure about which route to take, please contact us, we are more than happy to recommend suitable options for your project.

Q4: Will I need to get storage items, or do you supply them? 

A4: We supply bags used for decluttering purpose, which means those bags will only contain the stuff you get rid of. For storing and organsing of your remaining items, we aim to use as much of your existing storage possible. Where existing storage, organisng supply is insufficient, we can recommend and source storage options and organising supply (i.e. labels) for you.

Q5: Where would you put things while we sort them, and what do you do with the things I get rid of?

Q5: We try not to interrupt your everyday life as much as possible, therefore we normally work on a room by room basis, which means the stuff we get rid of will stay in that room only. Any room/area that is a work in progress, will be clearly segregated and marked. The stuff you get rid of will be taken to charity and recycing centres depending on the status of the item and your wish. Normally, we do not store items you agreed to get rid of overnight. You may sell books, games, garments and small electric items through us, this service is free of charge and we may offer further discount on behalf of companies purchase them. We do not have storage facility for furniture you may want to sell, but are happy to provide information on local dealers for antique.

Q6: Will you force me to get rid of things?

A6: We’ll never force you to get rid of things. We use a method following steps, asking key questions, and making you feel positive and liberating in the decluttering process.