How to get organised and stay organised, forever!


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1. Don’t wait, start now, start small

Focus on one thing at a time, if you think you can’t manage the whole wardrobe, how about start with a drawer. Aby Garvey, who runs professional organising courses online says: “this is an incredibly useful strategy if you are feeling overwhelmed by clutter or your to-do-list.”


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2. Know yourself and create the right system works for you

Nina Saeki, a former architect and vice-president of JALO, the Japan Association of Life Organizers, believes that decluttering strategies must be individually tailored, that no single approach fits everyone. While some of us tend to be naturally organised, most people would benefit from hiring a professional organiser who is experienced and able to create and/or customise a storage and organising system which suits each family and/or individual’s needs. Once you have a functioning system, all you need to do is to maintain it regularly, sounds much more manageable than digging through a room full of clutter, right?


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3. Group it, label it

Of course, for those of you who are keen on DIY, it is possible to create a good storage and organising system with a few good strategies and some thorough understanding about your own lifestyle. To start with, space planning is essential, after you get rid of your clutter, plan your space and then invest in adequate storage. If you are renovating, work with your contractor to make a good storage system. Once you have the adequate storage, define the purpose of any space and group your possession, last but not least, label your possession.

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4. One in, one out

Once you get organised, stay organised by stick to the “one thing in, one thing out” rule. For example, if you buy a new frying pan, chances are your old one isn’t working, get rid of it now before clutter build up in your space.


5. Make regular decluttering your new habit

Admittedly, it take time to cultivate a new habit. Take your time, edit your possession on a regular basis. Why not schedule your own declutter session now? Write down in your diary the space your want to tackle and when you want to do it. Or if it feels too overwhelming, contact us now. We’d love to help!


6. Reward yourself

Here is the best part, celebrate your decluttering success, whether it’s big or small. “This step is one of the best ways to stay motivated as you continue moving forward.” Says Aby Garvey from Simply 101.


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