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Wouldn’t it be great to have your home in order, your finances on track and to feel more in control of your life? We believe life is so much more pleasant when your space is less cluttered and your financial future is more clear. Join Jane of Serenity Organsing & Decluttering Service and Abby of McMurtrie Wealth Management Ltd for a fun night of demonstrations and interactive play on how to declutter and organise for a happier home, and plan for your financial future.

You’ll get

  • Drinks and buffet
  • Live demonstration on how to declutter efficiently, organise and design your storage system
  • No obligation financial consultation and advice from Abby including but not limited to how to plan and gain a clear perspective on your financial future, from preparing for the “what if’s?” to planning for retirement
  • No obligation decluttering and organising consultation from Jane
  • Complimentary access to Serenity Organising & Decluttering Service’s online course “How to declutter and organise your space – the fundamentals” (usual price £19.99)
  • Complimentary access to online course “How to declutter and organise paperwork” (usual price £9.99)
  • Complimentary guide on “How to live less cluttered and more organised”

Yes, you too can have the space you love, the life you enjoy!

Book directly with us to get further discount!

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